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The Canadian Psychedelic Businesses Association


Psychedelics: The new frontier of health

Canada’s emerging psychedelics industry has the potential to improve the lives of millions worldwide. Showing promising advantages to existing medical therapies and medicine, Canada's regulatory environment needs to make room for this innovation.

Keep Canada's psychedelics industry competitive

Canada is currently a leader in developing psychedelics therapies for the treatment of mental and physical health conditions, but the industry is at risk of falling behind. The regulatory environment needs to keep pace with competitive countries.

The bottom line

Canadians and people worldwide struggling with mental health and physical health issues deserve treatments that work for them. Help us break down barriers to access psychedelic medicine and therapy.

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PsyCan is a not-for-profit trade association representing Canadian psychedelic medicine and therapy companies. We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of, and improving the regulatory landscape for, the legal psychedelics industry in Canada.