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The Psychedelic Businesses Association

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A not-for-profit trade association representing Canadian psychedelic medicine and therapy companies.

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Press Release — Oct 06, 2022

Alberta government must engage with psychedelic sector for regulatory success


Press Release — Sept 21, 2022

Canadian Psychedelics Industry Tells Policy Makers: Make Room for Healthcare Innovation


Press Release — Aug 19, 2022

Globe and Mail: 'Fundamental value' in psychedelics remains despite market downturn


Psychedelics for mental health care

We champion the benefits of scientifically-proven, psychedelic-assisted therapies administered by qualified practitioners to Canadians suffering from chronic mental health conditions.


Advancing the psychedelics industry

We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of, and improving the regulatory landscape for, the legal psychedelics industry in Canada.

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We represent researchers, medical practitioners, labs, clinics, drug developers, and suppliers producing and working with psychedelic medicine. 


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charge for change

Our members are some of Canada’s industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, psychedelics, and mental health research. Together we seek to educate and better understand how psychedelics can improve mental health outcomes and well-being.

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